The Flute Day


Henri Eftevand - Dance with Me, Førde, Norway

Frick-Möhlin, Switzerland 2016

Frick MoehlinMusikschule Frick-Möhlin (Aargau), Switzerland
Workshop advanced students & Flute Day - Wil Offermans
4 & 5 November 2016

- 4th Nov. 2016: Music School Frick, Aargau, Switzerland: workshop extended flute techniques by Wil Offermans.
- 5th Nov. 2016: Music school Möhlin, Aargau, Switzerland: Flute Day with Wil Offermans, which includes ensemble playing, Thumpy flute, ethnic flutes story, final concert with all participants. See the photo series of the events here below.

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