Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about the Flute Day.

  • When can the Flute Day be organized?
    A Flute Day can take place on any day in the year. Any music institute, who is interested in organizing a Flute Day, can propose a date. The most often requested day however is a Saturday. If desired, use the Contact Form to send your message.
  • How much time in advance is needed to organize a Flute Day with Wil Offermans?
    That is quite up to the planning of the school. Concerning availability of Wil Offermans, it is sometimes even possible to arrange a Flute Day in a time frame of just one month. But of course half a year or more is a safer timing. Also, the organizing institute has to take into account the time needed for publicity and for completing the registration.
  • How many flute students can join the Flute Day?
    That is depending on many factors, including:
    - the available spaces and stage
    - availability of some flute-teachers, if we want to work partly with parallel workshops
    - program and schedule
    It is the best to discuss this directly with Wil Offermans, since every situation is different. Contact with him by using the Contact Form.
  • What should be the age of the students for joining a Flute Day?
    Basically flute-students of any age can join. It means also those who just started, as well as those with many years of playing and seniors. If the schedule has parallel workshops with rotating groups, it is the best to create these groups up to the level of the students, e.g. a beginners group (Group A); a middle level (Group B) and an advanced group (Group C).
  • What is the idea of the additional pre-evening advanced workshop?
    During the Flute Day we deal with most of the material in a really enjoyable and play-like style. Now the idea of an additional workshop the night before is to also create a moment for working a bit more directly with especially the advanced students in a smaller group. Here the subject is extended techniques and includes techniques like circular breathing; bamboo tones; whisper tones; etc. Standard reference material for this is Offermans' etude book For the Contemporary Flutist (there is also a free accessible website on this material: Also in this workshop we can work intensively on both the music and the movements of Dance with Me. To guarantee a personal approach it is the best to have a limit of around 20 participants. Proposed time is about 3 hours (e.g. 19:00 - 22:00 the day before the Flute Day). See Plan 2 in the Schedule Page.
  • Should the flute-teachers of the organizing institute do something?
    If the schedule has parallel workshops in the morning, it is the idea that a teacher (one or more) will conduct such workshop. The material is depending on the schedule, but can be a part-rehearsal of the ensemble piece (Jungle Dance; Bamburia; Dance with Me; etc.). Also other ideas are possible, but that will be discussed with Wil Offermans.
  • Do the students need to study something in advance?
    Surprise is an important concept during the Flute Day. But just for the ensemble pieces (Jungle Dance; Bamburia) it is the best that the part scores are already divided before the Flute Day, so no valuable time is getting lost during the day. Students will then have a chance to study these notes and know for sure - besides many surprises - what they will play during the Flute Day. Furthermore, if Dance with Me will be included in the Flute Day it is necessary that the students study it beforehand, since both the music and the movements are performed by heart. Here the instruction video on YouTube will be of great help for the students. This video is also included on the DVD with the Dance with Me score.
  • Where can I find a brochure on the Flute Day?
    You can download a PDF-brochure right here.
  • Is there photo or video material of the Flute Day available?
    You can find many photo reports with hundreds of photos at the Gallery page. On that page you just click on a Flute Day event image to open the photo report. Furthermore, on YouTube you can find a growing number of videos of Dance with Me, but also of some Flute Days. See the Video Gallery for more videos.
  • Will students be able to buy the Thumpy flute during the Flute Day?
    Yes, usually a little shop with books, CDs and Thumpy flutes will be set up at some moment during the Flute Day (especially around the final concert), so that students get to know these works and also will be able to buy any of these if desired.
  • What is the price of a Flute Day?
    To get more information on the price, please send a proposal including the intended date, expected amount of students, location, etc. using the Contact Form.
  • What about travel and staying costs for Wil Offermans?
    The price will be including all travel. Depending on the schedule and location, it might be needed to provide a staying place (either hotel or private accommodation).
  • How can I contact with Wil Offermans?
    Just send your message from the Contact Form. Please include the details like possible dates or period, amount of students expected, etc., if you are thinking about planning a Flute Day.


contactConcerning more practical details, possible questions or more information please have a look at the Frequently Asked Question page. Also, feel free to ask your questions using the Contact Form.